Woke Australians triggered by word ‘patriots,’ cite ladder accidents when confronted with terrorism

It’s already tomorrow morning in Australia that’s just how woke the person or persons are there. Still, it might be a bit jarring for Americans used to watching a screen full of liberal panelists on CNN pretend to go ateach other to realize that things aren’t much differences between Australia. President Donald Trump took a beating from Bruce Springsteen and others for apparently botching a see with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. How could Trump fuck up something that simple-minded? It is about to change Turnbull wasn’t pleased to learn that Trump was holding on renegotiating former President Barack Obama’s ” dumb ” bargain, whereinthe United States was expected to take in refugees being held by Australia in offshore detention camp many from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and Iraq before Australia would take in anyone from The countries of central america.

Turnbull has his own troubles: it seems he’d like people coming to build Australia their brand-new dwelling to be, you know, loyal to Australia.

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