The Strange Story Of The Time Donald Trump Got To Hold An Oscar

The annual Vanity Fair Oscars party is perennially a end for the -Alisters of Hollywood in any rendered year, and 2005 was no exception.

Tom Cruise entered the venue the since-closed restaurant Mortons through a back entrance after travelling over on his black Ducati motorcycle. Beyonc and Jay Z hung out at a back counter with Usher, Gwen Stefani and Mary J. Blige. Tom Brady apparently was the only one wearing a white tie and tails at the party, but GQ mentioned he wasproportioned like the Oscar statuette. Jake Gyllenhaal( with a shaved intelligence presumably for Jarhead) became discussion near a wall as his sister, Maggie, posed for a photo a few feet away.

Everybody you can read about in every single gossip cloth is in there! Destiny Childs Kelly Rowland told Peopleoutside the party. And perhaps surprisingly, many of these gossip rag aces from Vanity Fairs party in 2005 are just as relevant now, if not more so.

This is no more true than with Donald Trump, who attended the party with his new wife, Melania. Given their recent marry and the early success of The Apprentice, Trumps extraordinary reputation at this time was arguably at its most innocent. In 2005, he had graduated from being little-more than a blowhard personality in the New York City real estate vistum and had not yet developed into a articulation for the political far right.

But rendered multiple accounts of Trumps behavior at the party, his now infamously known traits in the genre of self-aggrandizement were still apparently on full parade. And of course, Trumps comically gaudy adore for amber played a part in this story.

Chris Polk via Getty Images

At the ceremony before the Vanity Fair party that year, Robert Hudson and Bobby Houston won the Documentary( Short Subject) Oscar for their movie, Mighty Time: The Childrens March. Natalie Portman presented the honor to the then romantic and business partners.

Bob and I live together and we work together, responded Hudson during the acceptance lecture. If youre watching this on Tv, dont try that at home. He sends, I induce. They kissed on stage.

Later in the night, the duo became their path to Mortons with their statues. Expressing to The Huffington Post over email, Houston recollected mingling around celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Cate Blanchett.

And then, as Houston described, Trump seized Hudsons Oscar.

Trump grabbed Hudsons Oscar and made off with it. Oscar winner Bobby Houston

A Ventura County Star story about the two from the time described that Trump tried to abscond with the Oscar as the current presidentparaded[ the statue] around and played like he didnt want to give[ it] back.

He asked to hold my Oscar at a Vanity Fair party, Hudson told HuffPost over a Facebook message. I sided it to him. He responded, Wow, its heavy. I chuckled. Why[ are you] giggling? he responded. Ha, I have something youll never be able to buy.

Hudson stated this as a bonding minute and described the conversation more fully, Ill acknowledge it was a guy happen, a bit of a friendly peeing contest.

But after that, Trump strayed off with the statue.

Trump grabbed Hudsons Oscar and made off with it, recollected Houston. Hudson told me, Donald Trump merely embezzle my Oscar! By Houstons account, Trump didnt do the common play-acting move of hefting the statue up briefly and then yielding it back he merely took it.

I visualize Hudson thought it was funny I thought it was tacky, responded Houston. Hudson had to go find him to retrieve it.

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For ambiguous grounds, both former partners sought to cast doubt on the others credibility. Although Houston and Hudson agreed on the basics that Trump took the statue and began showing it to other members of the party, its arguable whether this was a party fouled or not.

Hudson protected Trumps activities from Houstons account with the response, Impounding an Oscar is like … well, its a feeling of lightnes. Hudson resumed. There[ are] many things in life people should do, but one is to walk into a room supporting an Oscar. Donald turned around to show his family.

In any case, Trump went on to mingle with other whos whos of 2005, such as the cast of Desperate Housewives and next to a dumpster outside Tom Cruise, even as the actor impeded his motorcycle helmet on.

Trump became the rounds and told a Washington Post party reporter, with a lighting smile, that wedding Melania was the best happen[ that] ever happened to me.

When requested information about the actual Oscars ceremony by Variety, Trump blamed a number of aspects of the see for seeming forced.

In the original Ventura County Star story from 2005 that highlighted the Trump moment with the Oscar, Houston get in a pretty good gag about the reality Tv ace. The Star summarized Houstons statement about the whole incident as, that its probably the closest Trump will ever come to getting one of the golden statues.

That, to me, would deserve an asterisk, and you dont strike me as an asterisk various kinds of guy. Chicago Tribune reporter Mark Caro, speaking to Trump at the party

At some extent in the night, Trump requested The Chicago Tribune, Should I see my construct taller than the Sears Tower? The party reporter told him that if he were to do that, the actual construct should be bigger, rather than merely the spire. That, to me, would deserve an asterisk, and you dont strike me as an asterisk various kinds of guy, said here Tribune reporter, Mark Caro. Youre right, answered Trump, who then moved along.

Vanity Fair apparently provisioned around 1,000 lollipops with Hollywoods most famous faces from the time at this party, according to Person. In perhaps an obvious and proposed analogy, the Los Angeles elite swallowed up and expended many of these faces by the end of the darknes. The restaurant that housed everyone also couldnt find a way to survive. But more than a decade afterwards, a soul known for its commitment to get whatever he craves still refuses to leave.

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