The Hostess Next Doors Perfect Party Meal: Mini Sloppy Joe Sliders

Chef Vanessa Cantave has a delicious recipe that’s guaranteed to be a huge reached at any Super Bowl party!

Whether you’re a fan of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, or you’re looking forward to watching the Atlanta Falcons in action, or even if you wish Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers should have been here , no matter what you’re surely going to desire this dinner and this Super Bowl !

Everyone cherishes a good Sloppy Joe, and everyone enjoys mini sliders; so why not only combine the two? Chef Vanessa has shaped the perfect recipe for Mini Sloppy Joe Sliders with Fresh Cabbage, and no matter which unit you love to dislike, this snack “re gonna be all” the real winner of this next Super Bowl.

So sit back, loosen, and do your best to not tell these drip on your gasps!

Thumbnail Credit: Facebook/ Liberty Kitchen& Oyster Bar