Donald Trump


To Kill the President by Sam Bourne review  does fact Trump fiction?

Hes not identified, but the leader of the free world-wide looks uncannily familiar in this engaging and morally serious thriller that wrestles with contemporary American politics Since the second world war, several profs of ethics or theology and several science fiction writers have fussed over the issue of whether a seer or time-traveller, knowing what


Being Michael Flynn

They called him” The Pulverizer .” It was a moniker coined by none other than Brad Pitt, who found himself so impressed with the severe devotion of his co-star that he bestowed it a few eras into shooting War Machine , a brand-new Afghanistan War satire based on the late Michael Hastings ‘ bestselling notebook


Republican lawmakers bemoan latest 'drama' from White House

In familiar chain of events, Republican largely mum in response to reports Trump provided classified information to Russian officials Republicans on Capitol Hill have criticized the drama emanating from the other goal of Pennsylvania Avenue but continued characteristically tight-lipped in response to the reports that reported on Monday that Trump had shared details of ability