Recent Instagram activity should makes fans of one NBA team very nervous

Isaiah Thomas, left, and Gordon Hayward share greetings before a game last-place season .

Image: AP/ REX/ Shutterstock

As thrilling as a friction of titans like Warriors-Cavs is also possible, a virtually equal joyfulnes in NBA basketball is the potpourri of endless off-court machinations, petty tiffs, and frivolous storylines.

Where else but the NBA do you get comedy like this, this, or this? It’s a conference of sight as much as it is a conference of basketball.

And now we’re enrolling the NBA’s silly season, otherwise known as its summertime free-agency interval. This is a duration during which executives and players try to recruit virtuosoes who are between contracts and followers obsess over what the most incidental details may or may not mean.

Which is why refreshing Instagram has become a seek like trying to read tea leaves for some NBA obsessives with regard to a certain hot commodity.

Gordon Hayward is a star wing for the Utah Jazz or he was a adept wing for the Utah Jazz, but is a free agent the summer months. Utah could re-sign him, but there are various other teams trying to lure Hayward away. Reports for months have pegged the Boston Celtics as the most serious of those suitors, satisfying Boston love and dismaying Utah followers in equal measure.

So when Hayward’s wife, Robyn, shared an otherwise innocuous and adorable photo on Instagram last weekend, it unwittingly became a big deal.

In the pic, the couple’s child daughter was wearing a shirt with a shamrock graphic. A shamrock simply happens to be one of the Boston Celtics’ logos. Robyn culminated up removing that photo after it prompted frenetic hypothesi, and even later posted a screenshot clarifying she simply experienced the cute shirt on sale.

It seemed that perhaps Jazz fans could breath. Until, that is, they checked Instagram again.

The screenshot above would point out that Boston forward Al Horford exactly followed Hawyard on Instagram. This next screenshot shows that Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas just did the same.

What could it all signify? What could it all meeeeaaan ?

For Utah and Boston devotees, maybe something. Or maybe nothing.

But for the rest of us, it’s a clear sign the NBA’s silly season is officially underway.

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