NFL weekend preview: Bengals to beat Washington in close affair at Wembley

The Bengals and Washington are well matched, but Cincinnati have the edge. Elsewhere, picking Tampa Bay to beat Oakland, and the Patriots to down the Bills

Lets jump right in with the bad news: none called all six plays properly in our Pick Six contest last week. It would have been pretty remarkable if they had, given that Arizonas matchup with Seattle ended in a tie.

One person, carloscontrole , did ask what would materialize if they predicted such a result. The answer is that they would have been rectify, and picked up a point that nobody else get. Instead, in the end, they ran for a Seattle win and “ve got nothing”, just like the rest of us.

Full stands below the line shortly. For now, here are the coming week plays 😛 TAGEND

[email protected] Cincinnati Bengals( Sunday 9.30 am ET/ 1.30 pm GMT )

The final London game of 2016 has the makings of another close one. Indeed, the headline statistics for these squads are strikingly similar. The Bengals median 392.6 gardens of total offense per competition, of which 276.9 come through the air and 115.7 on the floor. Washingtons matching amounts are 391.4, 277.7 and 113.7. The two justifications are just as hard to separate from a production standpoint, at the least so where do we find an side? The one big concern I have from Washingtons standpoint regards the availability of Josh Norman, who has travelled to London with his team-mates but it remains to clear NFL concussion protocol before he being allowed to play on Sunday. Without him, the already daunting undertaking of slowing down AJ Green would start to look even more ominous.

Bengals to win

Detroit [email protected] Houston Texans( Sunday 1pm ET/ 5pm GMT )

Brock Osweilers return to Denver ran just about as badly as it could: the Texans signal-caller averaged a pathetic 3.2 gardens per legislating struggle against his former boss. But the Broncos defense, at its better, can make even “the worlds largest” talented quarterbacks seem inadequate. The same cannot be said for Detroit, who lately gave up 321 gardens and three touchdowns to Case Keenum. Osweiler would not need to match those amounts to commit his squad an opportunity, but he might need to take on an even more prominent persona than he has thus far in order to help his tutors reduce the workload for the teams slammed up tailback, Lamar Miller. Houstons own No2-ranked pass defense will present Matthew Stafford with a sterner exam than he has faced all season, but he hasnt had numerous bad plays hitherto, since pairing up with Jim Bob Cooter.

Lions to win

Seattle [email protected] New Orleans Saints( Sunday 1pm ET/ 5pm GMT )

I know some of you will look at this competition and wants to know why Ive included it. Few would disagree that the Seahawks are a better squad than New Orleans. But let me sow a seed of doubt in your thoughts, by observing that Russell Wilson has won simply nine out of 19 job plays that kick off at 1pm ET( playoffs included ). It is an extraordinary statistic, when you consider that his overall register as an NFL starter is 57 -2 2-1. The discrepancy is not all down to Wilsons performance, of course, but shows the challenge all west coast squads face when roaming to play games this is gonna be kicking off at 10 am back home. One dreams that Drew Brees might peculiarity somewhat highly on the listing of quarterbacks that champions wouldnt want to face when theyre still scratching the sleep out of their eyes. Is it enough to establish me pick New Orleans? Not quite, but I do expect this to be a close one.

Seahawks to win

Oakland [email protected] Tampa Bay Buccaneers( Sunday 1pm ET/ 5pm GMT )

Another west coast team facing a street competition in the early time slot, the Raider body clocks should be in better figure, given that they have been staying out in Florida since before their win in Jacksonville last weekend. A perfect 4-0 on the road leading, Oakland will just panic a see to Raymond James Stadium, but might have some concerns about how to slow down the well-balanced offense that the Bucs have wheeled out these last couple of weeks. Jacquizz Rodgers has operated the ball better than Tampa had any right to expect since stepping into the lineup he made an startling 97 gardens after contact against the 49 ers and might be the greatest beneficiary of an ankle hurt to Raiders defensive tackle Stacy McGee. I likewise like Jameis Winstons prospects of having a big day against what remains statistically the most difficult pass protection in the tournament.

Buccaneers to win

New England [email protected] Buffalo Bills( Sunday 1pm ET/ 5pm GMT )

At the start of this month, the Bills overpowered the Patriots 16 -0 in New England. Now all they need to do is to repeat the trick at home. Ah, if only it were as straightforward as that clangs. The Patriots who got shut out in that first session had Jacoby Brissett at quarterback and an undercooked version of Rob Gronkowski at tight demise. The Bills themselves will get an important player back on Sunday, as two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Marcell Dareus moves his season entry. But to sit an opportunity against New England, they will need to control the clock as they did in that first matching. That would be no small undertaking under any circumstances, but simply examines trickier for the fact that both of their top two running backs LeSean McCoy and Mike Gillislee have been limited in practice this week by hurts.

Patriots to win

Green Bay [email protected] Atlanta Falcons( Sunday 4.25 pm ET /8. 25 pm GMT )

A years ago, the Falcons started 5-0 before collapsing to finish 8-8. This season, they raced out to an impressive 4-1 start but had now been lost two plays on the rebound. Is this the start of another maddening slip into mediocrity, or simply a lump on the road leading? For now, I am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. The Falcons lost by simply two points in Seattle one week after a draining street win over Denver and in overtime at home to San Diego. There is still a lot to like about a squad boasting the tournaments most prolific offense( for both gardens and objects tallied ), but certainly the issue is pressing on Atlanta to win this week and stop familiar indecisions from pussyfooting back in. In years gone by, I could not have backed Matt Ryan to win a shootout with Aaron Rodgers under such conditions. But the simple-minded reality is, this season, he has been the very best quarterback.

Falcons to win

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