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The Dominion of New Britain in the us (1686-1689) was an administrative union of British colonies covering New Great britain and the Mid-Atlantic Colonies (save for the Colony of Pa). Its politics structure symbolized centralized control more comparable to the model employed by the Spanish monarchy through the Viceroyalty of New Spain. The dominion was undesirable to many colonists, because they deeply resented being stripped of the traditional privileges. Governor Sir Edmund Andros tried out to make legal and structural changes, but almost all of we were holding undone and the Dominion was overthrown when expression was received that Ruler James had remaining the throne in Great britain. One well known change was the launch of the Chapel of Britain into Massachusetts, whose Puritan market leaders had recently refused to permit it any kind of foothold.
The Dominion encompassed an extremely large area from the Delaware River in the south to Penobscot Bay in the north, made up of present-day New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, NY, and NJ, plus a tiny part of Maine. It had been too big for an individual governor to control. Governor Andros was highly unpopular, and was regarded as a risk by most politics factions. Media of the Glorious Trend in England come to Boston in 1689, and the Puritans launched a revolt against Andros, arresting him and his officials.
Leisler’s Rebellion in NEW YORK deposed the dominion’s lieutenant governor Francis Nicholson. After these happenings, the colonies that were assembled in to the dominion reverted with their previous varieties of government, even though some governed formally with out a charter. New charters were eventually granted by the new joint rulers William III of Britain and Queen Mary II.

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