Mexican brewery mocks Trump, depicts president as swastika-wearing mariachi

No wonder Donald Trump isnt a big fan of alcohol.

A Mexico City brewery called Casa Cervecera Cru Cru has debuted a beer that pokes fun at President Trump, illustrating him as a sad mariachi musician on its label.

The brewerys parody of Trump which is prominently featured on the front of every bottle portrait him wearing conventional embroidered mariachi clothe, albeit with a swastika-emblazoned loop fasten. Trumps sombrero, very, is inscribed with what appears to be an indecent phrase.


The brews identify Amigous Cerveza is also said to be a purposeful misspelling of the word for amigo, and a slight dig at bad American diction, according to Reuters.

Casa Cervecera Cru Crus chief executive, Enrique de la Reguera, further tells Reuters that Amigous Cerveza is already a huge smack after first establish in May.

“We knew that a Trump label was going to be controversial, but it’s been selling unusually tight, ” read Reguera of the mango-flavored New England-style sallow ale.


However, Regueras brewery cant take all the credit for Amigous Cervezas success. The beer was the joint created in Casa Cervesera Cru Cru, its partners at the Error de Diciembre brewery, and Epic City Brewing, located in Salt Lake City.

According to Reuters, the partnership between Cru Cru and a north-of-the-border brewery celebrates cooperation between the two countries Mexico and America during Trumps tenure in place. Whats more, the breweries was allegedly been scheming Amigous Cerveza since before Trump took office, and sometime after he stated that Mexico was transmitting rapists, felons and some good people to the U.S. during his campaign.

Its also quite clear what the breweries think of President Trump, as the back of Amigous Cervezas bottle districts he should be in a mad house , not the White House.

Cru Cru, however, isn’t virtually the first brewery to troll Trump with its craft-beer provides. Leading up to the 2016 poll, a Mexican brewery called Cerveza Cucapa sold Trump t-shirts which transformed into anti -Trump t-shirts after exposure to hot. In April 2017, a Canadian beer brewery by the identify of Maverick liberated a limited publication Fake News Ale which also featured a impersonation of Trump on each can.

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