LeBron James celebrates Father’s Day with loving slam dunks on his son

LeBron James may have just lost the NBA Finals, but that didn’t to be stopped from enjoying Father’s Day in best available path possible by celebrating one of his sons.

Posting a well-edited video on Instagram on Sunday, James pictured off the lavish gala held for his son’s 10 th birthday on Saturday.

Aside from the telltale signs of a rich kid’s party( there were personalized football and soccer plains with his son’s epithet on them) we also get to see James dunking on his son’s acquaintances and even chasing them around with water balloons.

“Being able to do occasions like this for my kids that I always care I had as a kid is why I work so extremely hard! ” wrote James in a message accompanying the video. “Seeing my youngest son Bryce at his 10 th bday party yesterday with all his acquaintances smiling, having a great time accompanies exhilaration to my nerve! You’re 1 of a kind teenager and I’m extremely proud to be your Father-god! Love you! “

It’s a sweet time in time in which James does a great job of making Father’s Day about “their childrens”, even as he licks his curves from a merciless championship loss last week.

If you’re not a LeBron fan, this video will make that fleck of sports haterism merely a little harder to justify.

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