Girl Waits In Line For Baseball Players Autograph, But Runs Away When She Spots A Soldier

When seven-year-old Makenna Woodburn went to see a baseball springtime educate happen, the Boston Red Sox, she expected to leave with a baseball signed off by health professionals contestant or two.

However, while she was waiting in line along with the rest of the baseball followers, she spotted someone else standing off to the side.

Makenna rapidly decided that this person or persons was much more deserving of the appreciation, worship, and identification than the baseball players that everyone else was waiting in line for.

The person she spotted was Olyvia Russell. Olyvia is in her first time as a United States Army Reserve soldier, and she was wearing her full military uniform on the working day in Florida.

Makenna didn’t care that she lost her smudge in line when she went up to Olyvia and handed her the baseball in her mitt. Makenna, at her young age, knows that Olyvia is a hero for what she does for her country and those living in it.

Olyvia was shocked when the young girl stepped up to her. She’s still in awe that this child would appreciate her work so very much. It felt weird to her at first, but “youve been” do have to hear what she has to say about it for yourself.

What do you think about this touching interaction between a soldier and a very well-spoken young girl? I don’t know too many children that would relinquish their place in line to meet a star athlete if there were to smudge the status of women or a soldier in uniform, standing around and minding their own business, do you?

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