Baseball in 2016: from Cubs win! to Scully’s sayonara, 10 memorable moments

Another year of baseball is gone, goodbye: David Lengel takes a look back at the best, worst and most controversial times of the 2016 season

1) Amiable losers bid adieu

It was Game 7 of the World Series, and baseball biography was busy drawing the Chicago Cubs back into a simmering cauldron of curses. Rajai Davis eighth inning, game-tying home run off the Cubs Aroldis Chapman had shifted Clevelands Progressive Field into a mosh cavity, with slightly fewer title-starved Indians love ripping off their shirts in frenetic celebrations.

A montage detailing 108 painful times was cued up and ready to roll inside the minds of the Cubs frustrated fan basi, when Chapman turned course and got the outs needed to push the greatest play onwards. In the post-rain retard 10 th inning, Chicago popped out two leads, enough to set baseballs longest running shoot out for good. The Cubs are eventually champions, thanks to a long awaited lead which dazzled global audiences and spiked baseball viewership to grades recollected long gone.

We may never see anything quite like it again.

2) Scully supposes goodbye

The baseball world-wide is better for 67 years of Vin Scully, but his difference will smack love hard. Picture: Jae C. Hong/ AP

Vin Scullys Dodger broadcasting tour began in Brooklyn back in 1950, his musical expression firstly moving through the warm tube of wooden radios. Then it wove in and out of transistor sets, onto televisions, computers, and finally to tablets and telephones. Scully was one of athletics greatest endowments. His storytelling, effortlessly weaved between balls and strikes, was the heavy cream of baseball broadcasting. When April comes and the Dodgers break camp, well be without the expression for the first time in 67 times. It will take time, a long time, to get over it.

3) Crime, sanction and peace

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred and MLBPA listen Tony Clark have the last laugh as they agreed to keep proletariat quietnes and amicably divide baseballs massive revenues. Picture: Alex Brandon/ AP

In 2016, baseball faced the realities of back-room misdeeds.

We learned that the 2015 hacking into the Houston Astros proprietary database by Cardinals former scouting head, Christopher Correa, was serious enough for him to be sentenced to 46 months in prison: St Louis have yet to receive sanction from Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Weeks before Correas convicting allegations surfacedthat the Boston Red Sox were circumventing international subscribe rules in Venezuela by causing musician subscribe bonuses through a series of winks , gestures and maybe even bags of currency. Baseball doled out swifter sanction: the teens who signed with the Sox became free agents and were allowed to keep the bonuses, while Boston were banned from signing an international musician until July of 2017.

Sunnier times called earlier this month when Major League Baseball and the Players Association continued their proletariat quietnes by co-signing a collective bargaining agreement that expires in five years. A legion of game-altering policies are now coming into play, and thankfully, the team with the best register will finally gain residence plain advantage instead of the winner of the All-Star Game.

4) Big Papi packs his bags

Big Papi was a bopper until the very end. Picture: Brian Blanco/ Getty Images

In his final season, David Ortiz made his most home runs since 2007, played his most plays since 2006 and posted an OPS of over 1.000 for the fifth time in a 20 time occupation, all while powering the Red Sox back to the playoffs in awareness-raising campaigns that rivaled Ted Williams last year at Fenway. Yes, Papi did it all, despite traumata that read the slugger basically playing on stumps while observers wondered how a musician performing on such a level could walk away, even at 41. No ponder pulses of Sox love peaked when Papi playfully positioned on Instagram that they are able to return after the society acquired pitcher Chris Sale.

5) Jos Fern ndez

Miami Marlins starting pitcher Tom Koehler wipes rips away after greeting all the New York Mets players at the pitchers mound in honer of Marlins starting pitcher Jose Fernandez who passed away from a boating collision in September. Picture: Steve Mitchell/ USA Today Sports

The Marlins young hotshot and two friends succumbed after their quicken craft crashed into a jetty one bleak night in late September, mailing the city of Miami and beyond into mourning. The sports community mourned at the death of the ultra-talented Cuban hurler, one who had been imprisoned at the age of 15 after attempting to imperfection to the Country. Fernndez was barely 24 years old when he died: ripples of homages followed for a young knack who had only begun to scraping the surface of his life, never mind his potential on the field.

6) Adios -ARod

After another eventful season Alex Rodriguez may be done for good. Picture: Drew Hallowell/ Getty Images

Covering Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez was like waking up every morning to a new present.

As I wrote back in August, as he was ceremoniously ushered out as Yankees DH with a year to go in his $275 m deal, at the next Baseball Writers Association dinner, they are able to impart -ARod an honor for enriching their lives with some of the most colorful, controversial and polarizing storeys theyll ever scribble. He deserves it, because another -ARod isnt going to walk into the sport anytime soon.

When the junk reconciled from Rodriguez departure, the Yanks 2016 change from an over-the-hill gang to a rebranded troop of potential suns was complete. We caught more than a view of Gary Sanchez: all the catcher did in 53 plays was smacked 20 home runs and punch up an OPS of over 1.000. With a stacked farm organisation and the re-acquisition of closer Aroldis Chapman, theres reason enough to believe that the next great Yankees dynasty “couldve been” upon us sooner rather than afterwards.

7) For the( new Mickey) mantle

Mike Trout became American League MVP for a second time in 2016. Photograph: Dan Hamilton/ USA Today Sports

Story wise, Mike Trout will never pump out the pixels of an -ARod( although he does have an cheering obsession with climate ), but on the field, hes already made a careers worth of black ink in simply six seasons. The Angels outfielder prevailed his second AL MVP , no easy-going manoeuvre considering columnists have tended to not hand out the honor to players on non-contending squads. Rather improbably, Trout is the first player to finish in the top two in MVP voting in each of his first five full seasons. Chicagos Kris Bryant beat out DCs Daniel Murphy in the NL while playing no fewer than six positions. Murphys team-mate Max Scherzer became the sixth hurler to win a Cy Young Award in both leagues, while Bostons Rick Porcello prevailed in the AL, when it probably should have gone to Baltimore closer Zach Britton. Rookie silverware went to Detroit starter Michael Fulmer and Dodger shortstop Corey Seager, while Terry Francona prevailed Manager of the Year for shifting Cleveland around and LAs Dave Roberts prevailed in the NL award in his first season as skipper.

8) Travelling relievers

Did Terry Francona “re going to the” well once to often with Andrew Miller in Game 7 of the World Series? Picture: Ken Blaze/ USA Today Sports

With the exception of Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter, who impeded his superior closer Zach Britton on the bench while waiting for a traditional bullpen scenario to surface during the AL Wild Card game against the Toronto Blue Jays, upper-class comfort knack were pushed to the limit this post-season. The likes of LAs Kenley Jansen, Clevelands Andrew Miller and Chapman of the Cubs were regularly called upon to go well beyond the usual bawl of duty, and in a World Series where no starter sloped past the sixth inning, Miller and Chapman were on the mound for nearly a quarter of the time, both dramatically buckling in the seasons final frames. If their arms fail to bounce back in 2017, commentators, including Chapman himself, will point to overuse this autumn.

9) White Sox go south

Father and son LaRoche left the White Sox dugout for good in March. Picture: ddp USA/ REX/ Shutterstock

While the north celebrated in 2016, Southsiders soured at another disappointing season with two strange bookends. In March, Adam LaRoche abruptly retired from the White Sox after VP Kenny Williams asked him to slashed the amount of period his teenaged son, Drake, was spending in the clubhouse and around the team. His decision cost the infielder some $13 m in salary and led to a sharp-witted separation amongst Sox players and their colleagues across the sport. Chris Sale accused Williams of changing his narration three times( and also cursed him out ), perhaps placing the stage for the wizards antics afterwards in the season.

In July, Sale, miserable with his having to wear the always controversial 1976 White Sox pullover brew tournament softball dress during one of his starts, elected to slash the jerseys instead. Sale was sent home, and then a few months later was shipped out to Boston in a blockbuster deal. The rebuilding Sox will look to steady the ship in 2017 under skipper Rick Renteria, who changed Robin Ventura after the seasons purpose.

10) A time in clips

The 2016 baseball season wasnt short on times, here are a few to enjoy 😛 TAGEND

Bartolo Colon proceeds deep !

Sorry Cubs love, this is the no1 minute of the 2016 baseball season.

Ichiros 3000 th made

A rosy-cheeked milestone for Ichiro.

Clayton Kershaws NLDS save

A goofy and wild finish in Washington …

Dee Gordons emotional home run after the death of Jose Fernandez

Dee exited late in a tribute to his former teammate.

David Ortiz hits a home run for young Red Sox fan

Big Papi delivers for a five-year-old cancer stricken boy.

Jose Bautista bopped in Texas tussle


Travis Wood pitches and catches

Wood at the wall!

Rajai Davis World Series home run

Clevelands five oclock lightning tied up Game 7.

Cubs win!( lastly …)

True narration: the Cubs are the 2016 World Series champs!

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