9 Things You Never Knew About The World Famous Rockefeller Tree

Each year, Americans from across the country tune in to watch the iconic tree in Rockefeller Center light up in gala of the holidays — reflecting brighter than your average Christmas tree around, just like these beautiful ones from around the globe!

But behind the glamour and glitz of the massive medal is months on months of hard work and dedication, and an incredible record made up of over 80 years.

So there’s bound to be a lot that you’ve never heard about New York City’s well-known holiday ritual — and that’s where we come in!

From the very first spruce to the massive statue it’s turned into today, here are 9 interesting realities about the Rockefeller tree that may come as a surprise.

And with the annual lighting formality being a tradition for numerous, you’ll be able to see occasions in a entirely new light.

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Thumbnail generators: Flickr/ Anthony Quintano, Wikimedia Commons