November 2016


The Forgotten Man: a fitting oil painting for Trump's America

Jon McNaughtons depict wont acquire any booties for artistic merit or intricacy, but it could be the defining image of Trumps presidential moment Obamas 2008 expedition had The Forgotten Man, an oil painting by Utah-based artist Sean Hannity, a stalwart supporter of both Trump and McNaughton, pulled up a full-screen image of The Forgotten Man


Nathanael Greene: The Revolutions Unconventional Mastermind

Short on manpower and equipment, and relying on a loose compounding of regular army troops and local militia, Nathanael Greene confiscated the South from the British and saved the Revolution .”> Arriving at the ramshackle clique of the Continental Army at Charlotte, North Carolina, on Dec. 2, 1781 to take up the controls of command,


The Gilmore Girls Revival Is Everything You Hoped It Would Be

Break out the coffee. We’ve seen Netflix’s’ Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life ,’ and it is as banter-filled, psychological, and caffeinated as you hoped. Flawed? Sure. But what’s a few indiscretions when Emily Gilmore is in jeans? “> The familiar la la las kick down. Its cute Stars Hollow. Lorelai wheezes in the